Facts About Prescription Drug Addiction

1) Oxycontin is a prescription painkiller first launched to the market in 1995. Inside simply a few years because it first got here out, it unfold like wildfire and gained a repute for being extremely addictive and even lethal.

2) The drug’s reported uncomfortable side effects embody shallow respiration, slowed heartbeat, muscle weak point, dizziness, and chilly, clammy pores and skin. Some sufferers taking oxycontin may additionally expertise sweating, itchy, constipation, and nausea.

3) Nearly all of Oxycontin-related deaths have come from people ingesting köp subutex nära mig with different central nervous system suppressants like alcohol or benzodiazepines.

4) Oxycontin is designed to have a managed launch, however individuals who abuse it can both chew or crush the tablets, then snort them for a fast excessive. Customers also can inject the drug intravenously with a syringe.

5) Individuals who inject oxycodone or another drug intravenously are at excessive danger for contracting Hepatitis and HIV due to sharing needles.

6) Roughly 1 million U.S. residents 12 years previous and up have used Oxycontin not less than as soon as of their lifetime for non-medicinal functions

7) Individuals who ceaselessly use the drug and abuse it can develop a tolerance to it, that means they must eat bigger portions to get the identical excessive as earlier than. This is among the tell-tale indicators of dependence.

8) Those that develop an habit to Oxycontin will go round and partake in “physician buying,” that means they will go to a number of medical doctors for a similar prescription. Many of those medical doctors knowingly allow their sufferers to get ahold of those medicine with out serving to them.

9) In the previous few years, a number of Florida legal guidelines have been handed designed to curtail prescription drug abuse, together with busting medical doctors working “capsule mills,” limiting the variety of prescriptions that medical doctors can write for the drug, and limiting the variety of prescriptions pharmacies can fill.

10) Persistent use of opiates like Oxycodone can intrude with the physique’s potential to supply hormones akin to testosterone and estrogen.

11) People who find themselves making an attempt to detox from opiates like Oxycodone typically have to hunt medical detox remedy as a result of the bodily results of drug withdrawal could be very troublesome to cope with. They will also be harmful. If you’re making an attempt to detox from opiates, particularly substances like morphine, it’s best to contact a medical physician who focuses on treating habit.

12) Assume these utilizing pharmaceuticals are buying medicine out on road corners? Assume once more. In a latest survey of individuals age 12 and older who reported utilizing painkillers for non-medicinal functions, the most typical manner of acquiring Oxycontin or Oxycodone was by a good friend or relative totally free.

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